​​   School Server (LS) - $625

  • The LS server is a powerful system designed to provide a complete education and classroom management environment for up to 40 users.
  • ​Hardware: Intel quad core CPU; 8gb ram; 250gb SSD
  • Software: Edubuntu operating system (Linux Ubuntu 15)
  • Wireless N hotspot with extended range
  • ​Rugged environment support with 7 hour battery


  Client Devices

ARES content can be accessed by any computing device that  includes a standard web browser and wireless connectivity. The  client devices that we recommend and have tested with include:

  • ​Chrome/Windows notebooks (11.6"): affordable, good battery, large screens, keyboard, physical cover/lid, portable.
  • ​Tablets: (Android, IPad): affordable, touch screen, good battery, portable.
  • ​Windows desktops (Windows 7/8/10): generally good monitor, keyboard, mouse for extended use.
  • ​Mobile devices: (Android, IPhone): portable, widely available.

In order to enable easy and reliable access to ARES content we can optionally provide high quality, low cost 11.6" Windows notebooks as part of the ARES system package. The pricing will depend on volume, but will generally range from $175 - $200 per device. The photo below is a sample notebook:


We highly recommend the purchase of a battery based projector for use in  situations where the teacher is using ARES for a classroom lecture. We have used a very reliable device from AAXA (Model P700). It can be ordered from and other suppliers for around $400 each (not including shipping.) More information can be provided as needed. 



​ The core of the ARES Server is built upon the excellent        collection of content from RACHEL, by,      with significant additions focused on east Africa/Kenya - a total  of 190gb of educational content and school administration    tools.

 ARES also contains a wide range of adult education materials  focused on life in  remote rural villages.

   Education Content

  • Khan Academy (all modules & tracking tools)
  • Wikipedia for Schools
  • Gutenberg  Library (every book; PDF, Ebook, HTML formats)
  • Primary, secondary textbooks
  • Extensive science courses (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)
  • ​Secondary School Science Videos (from Seavuria)
  • African Storybook Project (English, Swahili)
  • World and Astronomical Atlas
  • TED Videos (Education, Technology, Motivation)
  • Math, typing,  music, programming, etc. training
  • Adult education modules
  • Much, much more


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